Erectile Dysfunction

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what is associated with the cause.

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How Erectile Dysfunction is Diagnosed

Your doctor may do a series of tests and evaluations to determine whether you have ED and what is associated to the cause of your ED. Because there are many reasons for ED to occur, your doctor may start with a few questions after reviewing your previous history. It is important to ensure you are answering your physician as honest as possible so he/she is able to provide you with a proper diagnosis.

Sample Questions May Include:
  • What medications are you currently taking?
  • Have you experienced any stress lately?
  • Do you suffer from any other conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, etc?
  • Do you currently or have you smoked cigarettes?
  • When did you first start noticing symptoms of ED occur?
  • How often do you experience symptoms such as lack of sexual desire, can’t achieve an erection?
  • Do you drink alcohol? If so, how often?
  • Are you currently experiencing problems in your relationship?

In addition to asking you a few questions, your doctor will perform a complete examination. After your doctor has determined whether your symptoms are related to ED and what the root cause of it is, they can begin to treat your condition.

Don’t let ED put an end to your sex life. You have options.

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